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Aswan is where Egypt travelers go for relaxation, besides shopping and sightseeing. About 680 km (425 miles) south of Cairo, just below the Dam and Lake Nasser, Aswan is the smallest of the three major tourist cities based on the Nile. You feel you have reached Africa (as most westerners imagine the continent), mainly because it has a large population of Nubian people, mostly resettled from their homeland in the area flooded by Lake Nasser.

The area is rich in granite quarries exploited since antiquity. Most of the obelisks seen in Luxor were sourced from Aswan. And speaking of rocks, there`s Elephantine Island, so called because its huge dark smooth rocks resemble the skin of elephants.

Savvy tourists take advantage of Aswan location in Upper Egypt and book a tour to Abu-Simbel, to witness one of Egypt`s most amazing sites.

Tourists can explore the city of Aswan by horse drawn carriage and take in the sights of the area. These may include the Ferial Gardens and the Nubian Museum. It`s a great opportunity to witness captivating views of the Nile and see why Agatha Christie chose this area as the setting for her famous novel "Death on the Nile".

On the west bank, expect to be offered a camel ride by the locals. The ruins of the St. Simeon Monastery, located some three quarters of a mile (1,200 meters) from the west bank opposite the southern tip of the island of Elephantine, is usually accessed on a camel`s back.

Aswan is the point of departure for most Nile cruises. Much of the river still retains the same scenery that would have been familiar to the ancient Egyptians. It is a scene of which you never tire - a way to leave everyday pressures behind as you travel from Aswan to Luxor.

Nile cruises take either 4 or 8 days and offer all kinds of modern amenities including private bathroom, laundry service, satellite TV, swimming pool, sundeck, massage service, boutiques, gift shop, lounges, restaurants and night entertainment featuring Nubian dancers and music. Scheduled tours on a cruise departing from Aswan include the Valley of the Kings, Karnak and Luxor Temples, Kom Ombo and the beautiful Temple of Isis in Philae.

Philae Temple was carefully moved to its current location (around 500 meters from the original site) when the construction of the High Dam caused the surrounding Nile waters to rise. A short motorboat ride takes you to the island. Dedicated to the goddess Isis, Philae Temple has a beautiful setting on an island in the river which has been landscaped to match its original site. Its various shrines and sanctuaries celebrate the deities involved in the myth of Isis and Osiris. At night you`re treated for the spectacular Sound and Light show, a multimedia presentation which vividly reveals the form and majesty of this ancient site. Visitors walk through the dramatically lit temple as its history is narrated.

Tourists can also sail the Nile on a felucca. From this vantage point, the closest you ever get to the legendary river, the scenery unfolds and the Agha Khan Mausoleum appears situated on the top of a hill, commanding a magnificent view of Aswan area. On the west bank the desolate hillside is dotted with the Tombs of the Nobles as you sail by to the Botanic Gardens on Kitchener Island.

A felucca ride to Kitchener Island takes around 20 minutes, depending on wind speed and Nile currents. Visit the small botanical museum before strolling through the botanical gardens which are home to many exotic species of plants and trees imported from all around the world. The Aswan Botanic Gardens are a quiet and peaceful oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday Egyptian life, and young couples and families from Aswan often spend their day enjoying the island.

A felucca ride is also available to Soheil Island for a visit to a Nubian village, to learn about their history, culture and lifestyle.

Located near Aswan, the world famous High Dam was an engineering miracle when it was built in the 1960s. Containing more material than used in the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Dam is 11,811 ft long, 3215 ft thick at the base, 364 ft tall and is carved into from the existing granite, providing irrigation and electricity for the whole of Egypt. From the top of the High Dam you can gaze across Lake Nasser, the largest man made lake in the world.

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