Sharm El Sheikh4WD Safari with camel ride in the desert "Sinai" half day, pick-up 08.30h (4 1/2 hours)

Tour Description
Discover the beauty of the desert riding a 4 x 4 Jeep or Toyota Safari wheel drive drifting the sea of sand & cruising the desert. Meet the majestic black mangrove tree, the Avicennia Marina. The mangrove (originally a West Indian word for salt tolerant coastal plants) is, as under statements go, a peculiarity in this part of the world, the tour , Khryza valley & Wadi Mandar. Picturesque landscape!
Meet your Camel Caravan at the end of the drive, the traditional means of desert transportation that will take you into the Sinai Desert, across beautiful sand dunes and into the shade of colorful mountains. You’ll stop at the end of the ride at a Bedouin tent; you will be delighted to find that tea is waiting for you in the middle of the desert enjoying a Bedouin atmosphere. Most of the Bedouins’ ancestors came from the Arabian Peninsula. Up till today the wealth of a Bedouin is measured in camels and children... Dismount your camel to join the Bedouins in their tent before you continue your tour by Return route to Sharm El Sheikh Port.

Short length Description:

Sail across the desert on board a Jeep 4 wheel drive Safari for 2 hours Then continue on the back of a camel for 45 minutes, A stop for tea in a Bedouin tent offers insight to this Bedouin culture and lifestyle., back by Jeep to Sharm Pier

Timing Breakdown
  • 08:30 Depart by Jeep Safari from the pier to the desert meeting point
  • 09:00 Safari Ride through the desert passing by The Mangroves, Khryza valley & Wadi Mandar
  • 10:45 Meeting the Camel Caravan in the desert
  • 11:00 Sailing the desert in a camel parade into the Sinai Desert across beautiful sand dunes and shades of colorful mountains
  • 11:45 Experience Bedouin hospitality and tea in a Bedouin tent
  • 12:15 End of Tour
  • 12:45 Arrive to the port of Sharm el-Sheikh and rejoin your vessel
Operational Notes
  • 6 persons maximum in each Safari 4WD
  • Roses given to all ladies upon disembarkation of the ship
  • Immediate clearance of permits in the port
  • Tour escort shall be available with the group
  • The service of a German Speaking Tour Leader/ Guide
  • Mineral water + Juice in jeep all times
  • Wet hand tissues provided to each guest after a day of sightseeing
  • Security arrangements for groups
  • NOTE:- Price starts from 60 USD
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