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In order to process your booking we need to collect personal information about you that may include special needs/ dietary requirements, or other personal information. We take full responsibility for the security of your personal information. We pass this information on to relevant suppliers and service providers such as airlines, hotels, transfer companies, credit checking agencies and public authorities as necessary or as is legally required.
Because the law is different throughout the world, the laws regarding the security of your information may be different in your destination than within the European Economic Area. We do not pass your information to any party not required in making the arrangements for your booking.

  • Customize Your Program

    for your next visit to Egypt.
    Customize Your Program

    Let us know your preferences, if you do not find the city you would like to go to or the sites you would like to see, juts let us know. We will put them together & offer you a very nice program of your selection.

  • Travel Themes

    Everything you wish to do in Egypt.
    Travel Themes

    For the aficionados of travel, we brought you the travel by theme link, travel to golf, travel to dive, travel to business, travel to spas, whatever you feel affinity to, Egypt has many unexplored facets. We brought together a special program for you, click on this link & write to us about your requirements.

  • Travel Insurance

    Be sure
    Travel Insurance

    Enjoy a safe trip with our varieties of coverage. Just pick the appropriate program.

  • Flight Ticketing

    Book Your tickets

    From domestic to around the world, our professional staff will provide the accurate routing and flight booking.

    Travel Pro

    You are a travel agent? Write to us & we will be sending you educational materials about Egypt & we will give you special prices enabling you to sell the most attractive & striking tours among competitors . You are just one call away!