Desert Safari Expeditions.

Thrill and exploit conquering the mysterious! 
Climb aboard 4x4 vehicles for a one-day rally in the Western Desert. Go for a longer safari exploring lush oases, hot springs sand dunes and archaeological sites. Desert programs vary in length & intricacy − you can even have your family with you in one of those unchallenging programs, or go in one of those intrepid explorers trips. Highlights of the Western & Libyan Deserts include golden mummies; white deserts; Crystal and Dead Mountains; waterfalls; Roman temples; Coptic Necropolis; Cleopatra’s Bath; Oracles sought by Alexander the Great; Natural Protectorates, sanctuaries of endangered species of flora & fauna; and oases and villages with ancient crafts, unchanged culture and friendly inhabitants. The Sinai Desert offers totally different landscapes through colored canyons; holy mounts; historic monasteries; sulfur springs; hidden valleys (wadis); authentic bedouin dwellings; camel treks; and hiking trails,

Programs vary in length, & difficulties. Accommodation both in camps & hotels are available. Minimum desert programs start with 3 nights. Combination with classical tours is available

Safari Expeditions

  • Cairo/ Wadi El Raiyan/ Wadi el Hitan / Baharia.
  • Cairo/Baharia/White Desert/Farafra.
  • Cairo/Baharia/Farafra/Dakhla/Kharga/Baris.
  • Cairo/wadi El Rayan/Baharia/White Desert/ Farafra/Dakhla/Kharga/Baris Oasis/Luxor.
  • Cairo/Wadi El Raiyan/Baharia/Siwa/Great Sand Sea/Ain Dallah/Farafra/White Desert/ Cairo.
  • Cairo/Siwa/ Baharia/Cairo.
  • Cairo/ Alexandria/ Alamein/ Siwa/ cairo.
  • Eastern desert programs from Red Sea area.
  • Sinai desert Programs.
  • NOTE:

    All Expeditions are in Private air-conditioned Toyota land cruisers 4 X 4 or similar with licensed guide, and include Full board accommodations.

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