Trekking, Bird Watching.

From wide stretches of desert to the fertile banks of the Nile, Egyptian landscapes are a wide palette of discoveries just waiting to be explored. 
On foot, by camel or 4x4, hikes and safaris take you on a voyage of discovery of an astonishing environment, bursting with life. Whether you`re looking for mountains to climb or plains to trek, sands to stroll or oases to explore, Egypt`s astonishing diversity of natural terrains and landscapes are the perfect ingredients for some truly memorable trekking. Sinai mountains; The lush, green oases of the Western Desert : Bahariya, Farafra and Dakhla, are packed to the gills with historical gems & adventure. Bird watching Over 150 indigenous species of birds live all year round in Egypt and another 280 migrate from their winter homes to the Nile`s fertile banks. Birds have always played important roles in both the secular and sacred spheres of Egyptian culture. Falcon, hawk and vulture-headed gods are only a few of over 76 bird species that can be identified in many other wall paintings, reliefs and artifacts. From the herons and flamingos of Lake Bardawil to the blue-cheeked bea eaters of Wadi Natrun, and to the ospreys and eagles of the Ras Mohammed National Park, there are endless opportunities for bird watching all along the Nile, the Suez, the Red Sea coast and Egypt`s great lakes and oases.

Programs vary in length, & difficulties. Accommodation both in camps & hotels are available. Minimum desert programs start with 3 nights. Combination with classical tours is available.

“A la Cartr” Safari Expeditions

  • Cairo/ Wadi El Raiyan/ Wadi el Hitan / Baharia.
  • Cairo/Baharia/White Desert/Farafra.
  • Cairo/Baharia/Farafra/Dakhla/Kharga/Baris.
  • Cairo/wadi El Rayan/Baharia/White Desert/ Farafra/Dakhla/Kharga/Baris Oasis/Luxor.
  • Cairo/Wadi El Raiyan/Baharia/Siwa/Great Sand Sea/Ain Dallah/Farafra/White Desert/ Cairo.
  • Cairo/Siwa/ Baharia/Cairo.
  • Cairo/ Alexandria/ Alamein/ Siwa/ cairo.
  • Eastern desert programs from Red Sea area.
  • Sinai desert Programs.
  • NOTE:

    All Expeditions are in Private air-conditioned Toyota land cruisers 4 X 4 or similar with licensed guide, and include Full board accommodations.

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