The Ecology rising sense

Environmental conservation is a cultural, social and health goal and a prerequisite for sustainable development. 
Fully aware of the strategic importance of environmental issues and the most serious challenges posed to the society by pollution problems, the state has started its environmental protection efforts, concomitantly with development and modernization processes, through ambitious plans and programs to address both issues. To Nature Lovers and Environmentalists, Egypt is actively “going green”. A network of protected areas and links between different ecosystems offer a rich diversity of natural resources with a wealth of habitats, local species, land-forms and cultural heritage sites. Nature Reserves: Egypt declared 21 nature reserves, representing various distinguished ecological systems (marine, water, desert and natural, etc...) Moreover, 19 areas are planned to be declared nature reserves, thus bringing total nature reserves to 15% by year 2017. Ra’s Muhammad and the Islands of Tiran and Sanafir, South Sinai: with its Coral reefs. Az-Zaraneeq and Sabkhat al-Bardawil Reserve, North Sinai: The reserve is a main station for migratory birds all over the world during both autumn and spring seasons. Elba Reserves, Red Sea characterized by mangrove forests. Al-Ameed Reserve, Matrouh Governorate: with its sand dunes, Swamps & Salinas. Salouga and Gazal Reserve, Aswan Governorate: comprises 94 kinds of plants & kinds of birds Ashtoum al-Gameel and the Islet of Tennees Reserve, Port Said Governorate: the main stop over the migrant birds St. Catherine Reserve, South Sinai: with its numerous mountains & natural herbs, animals & birds. Al-Alaqi valley, Aswan Governorate: The rich place for scientific researches, different kind of plants, animals & birds Taba Reserve, South Sinai Governorate: It is rich in various types of rare animals Al-Boroles Lake Reserve, Kafr ash-Sheikh Governorate: it contains various kinds of environments. Coastal Thickets Reserve, North Sinai Governorate: with their natural resources. Wadi Degla Reserve, Cairo Governorate: station of birds, animals & rare plants. The Fossilized Forest Reserve, Ma’adi, Cairo Governorate, , the unique geological site . Al-Wadi al-Assiuty, Assiut Governorate, Wadi ar-Rayan Reserve, al-Fayyoum Governorate, Lake Qarun Reserve, al-Fayyoum Governorate, Quppet al-Hassana Reserve, Giza Governorate, Wadi Sanour Cave Reserve, Beni Sueif Governorate: It contains albaster geological formations of superb beauty, Nabq Reserve, South Sinai Governorate, Abu Galoum Reserve, South Sinai Governorate, Islets of River Nile Reserves, Different Governorates: & many Others

Programs can be within or combined with stay put programs in Sinai or Red Sea, Cairo, Luxor/ Aswan Programs. Some of these reserves need special permits, others are temporary closed.

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